Icemoon - Kefalos 2012

I’m back since yesterday to Switzerland..

Waiting for the last moment to write about Greece 2012.. The moments I have spend in Kos Island to organize one of the biggest challenge of my path.. Was that crazy as unbelievable..

We woke up Hercules.. There is no doubt.. I regret truly the small an short amount of movies I have got to represent this epic event.. But as you can imagine.. In your deeply dreams.. All aspects of an underground party was present and awesome unique moments in this party will remain unforgettable in our memories..

ICEMOON - INTROI’m here siting on my chair.. Thinking about this crazy 3 weeks of my life.. All this adventure was based on trust.. And self trust.. Friendship, conviction.. Determination, Vision, Inspiration and Ambition..
Incredible light show, sound system of 35watts for some clarity.. An awesome Promotion Team.. An unbelievable lovely crowd shaking.. Keeping it up until the sunrise.. Rising my head to the meteor shower.. As often as Fireworks all over the spot.. Unforgettable party night.. We have bring ICEMOON one step from the underground in to it.. Cause this was a real Underground party.. Associating all factors and elements of it across the 6h of live composition that night visualizing “Era”.. But the “Alcance” of this night was a different trip.. As original and writing of these layers in dedication for my mutherfuckerz that night.. Unique and epic Icemoon Frequency’s across this island.. I’m feeling very honored to have been acting live for myself, you my friends, my fans and crowd.. as the “Desired” spot.. Inspiration of my Creation..
Proud to have the recognition relative to the applied efforts.. Fuck it.. Was time for ICEMOON.. Was kick ass night of summer 2012..

Realizing that we worked this out with Nektaria Sunny Beach Team a week before the event date.. This underground beach party was very success full..

ICEMOON 2013..
Get ready for next year my mother fuckerz.. Don’t miss it..

A Special Regards to:
Yiannis my Malaka..
My Friends of Nektaria Sunny Beach as Promotion and Production Team..
The Sound & Light Engineering Team..
Sub Teams providing, supporting and promoting this event in different aspects of the party..
The unbelievable party crowd..

“Because without you.. Nothing of this would be possible.. Because together is better my Malakitos.. Because we do it with vain.. For the love of music..” Nelson Branco 2012..