Fuck you band of Jackass..Today was a worse day then another ones.. Things the way I percept them are just a hollow.. The further I go the more I realize that decisions I take or not take will fall up on me the same way.. A least it leads somewhere and I can turn this page of 2013..

I appreciate simple terms of life.. This must be the way should be.. The way we should enjoy life.. I can’t understand it otherwise.. My life reflection act up on me as my state of conscience grow up on me.. As serendipity fuse up on me.. As art get up on clarity..

The more I know why I like something.. The less I get enough if it.. I start to like this shit worse then ever.. It makes me only stronger forever.. I wonder what situation will lead up to.. I keep a good feeling and paradoxically even more positive about the situation.. I should be disappointed and desperate but its exactly the inverse happening to my state of mind..

Wildcard was blooming my mind today when I was needing it too.. It did appear as a desire under my perception and the Storm as just begun.. My path continue and the relevance faith the serendipity..

"Fuck you band of Jackass.."

End of journal memo - October 19th 2013

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