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Be a part of »Alien Frequency™« Tour!
Icemoon is seeking official brand partners for the International Tour of Electronic Dance Music Events taking place in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK & USA over the next 18 months.

Icemoon is offering a spectacular Nightlife Entertainment with the line-up consisting of globally recognized DJ’s and artists as well as supporting local talent and promoters.
The overall reach and exposure as well as multi-faceted, custumized and strategic opportunities for brands and organisations to sponsor the Tour are presented.

Get in touch today to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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Meet Icemoon
ICEMOON’s origin dates in 2008, when Nelson Branco presented himself as a music Artist to the International Music World. He established himself as an Author, Composer, DJ, Producer and Event Director, bringing professional sound quality into an original frequency signature and music style that imprints into your subconscious and warms up your heart. Since 2012 ICEMOON became a brand with an original Concept of Nightlife Entertainment. With the 5-year working track record within the India, UK, Switzerland and Greece, his knowledge of music engineering and contacts within the music industry he delivered several high profile clubbing and music events.
Mark your Calendar... The Alien Frequency™ Tour
is launching soon!