..memo note from something like a  month a go..
..Shit happens, even during live records..

..Most for a good reason..Hard to describe what I feel after this edition.. But is a good satisfaction..Fishing the boundary of that Frequency type so Dirty as Nasty..

..Attitude is the reaction of this expression to me after audition..

..Describe a mood like this deserves an Edition like 326.. Be it the Attitude or the State of Mind.. Icemoon Frequency is here by getting even closer to determination of its character with this Elemental Attitude.. I feel here already, the hard call to this soft Notes..

  1. Dada Life - Feed The Dada (Ruen & Mister Gray Trap Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Wakanda (Clever Noise Trap Bootleg)(Icemoon Rmx)
  3. DJ Swoon & SeanSauce - Rasta Pasta (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Empressto - Rise Today (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Hulk & Nato Feelz - Diamonds and Guns (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (Riot Tens GET IT Trap Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  7. MUST DIE! & ETC! ETC! feat. Anna Yvette - Panic Attack (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Nari & Milani - Atom (Spenca & AFK OG Festival TRAP Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Pean - Grime Head (Prod. by Vital Techniques & Mikey B)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. Rekoil - Astro Boy (Re-Master)(Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Rudebrat - Lunar VIP (Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Zedd feat. Foxes - Clarity (Brillz Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Jacob Plant - Shakedown (Trap VIP)(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Butch Clancy - Pop That (Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Rickyxsan - Jungle Ting (Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Zeds Dead - Ratchet (Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Cratesz - King Kong (Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Yellow Claw - Kaolo (Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Valentino Khan - Who U Wit- (Icemoon Rmx)
  20. BLKNGLD - Riot (Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Valentino Khan - The Dip (Icemoon Rmx)
  22. Bro Safari - The Drop (Icemoon Rmx)
  23. Kill Paris & Rusko - I Love You Lana Del Rey, Hold On (TBMA Edit)(Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Alesia & DJ Snake - Bird Machine (Icemoon Rmx)
  25. Skrillex vs Jayz - The Reason I Got 99 Problems (Mistermike Edit)(Icemoon Rmx)
  26. The Mavrik - XXX In The Middle East (Icemoon Rmx)
  27. Aaa - Kill Kill Kill (Icemoon Rmx)
  28. Anita Baker - Ring My Bell (Kill Paris Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  29. Zomboy feat. Lady Chann - Here To Stay (Icemoon Rmx)
  30. OverHertz - Kimi Dake (Icemoon Rmx)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content