Nektaria | Sunny Beach,Kefalos,Kos,Greece

..Here we go.. Get your calendars ready from Opening Event, Jul 11th to Closing on Aug 3rd.. Surprised by the fact that I was going to repeat the same party.. something else came out.. looks like we have fully 2 weeks of Party.. Music Festival it’s gonna be.. Spots we have decided are "The Other Venue*" in Kos City and Nektaria Sunny Beach in Kefalos.. a mystery place for the 7th and closing party.. 21 DJ, Artists, Producers and composers.. for the next generation Music Event.. House, Electro & Dubstep.. concepts like no other.. more information will follow..
..don't get to exited.. the best info still to come..


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2 weeks of madness finnaly a music festival in our island

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I have been trough many things since I have come back to Music and Art.. ones of it is the Experience of a tasted victory.. then again is always a price to pay.. something to sacrifice.. the closer is the gap.. The feeling of infinity gives me the feeling to be alive.. mind remain in my memories all my emotions..

.. I have refused to act live in many places in the past.. the price of pride and arrogance for sure.. it’s a perspective thing.. a mind thing.. what if you just know why.. the key point of the experience by mental methods.. it's a fatality irreversible..

..The story of this Festival Started really earlier in 2011.. when I first came to Kos.. my mind was hunting for opportunity.. after a visit at the same spots in 2012.. Icemoon provide him self the Beach Party at Nektaria Sunny Beach..

..The concept of the Music Festival | ICEMOON 2013.. as born with this experience.. this dream.. this why of express music culture.. to me a generation step.. the next generation is just in you.. it depends on us all now..

..I will put all my efforts in the next comming Months to make this weeks of Music Festival down in Kos.. unforgetable nights.. very honored to share this vision with all of you..

..why.. Greece.. and why Kos.. was just on my path.. if I can be ironic… or soon you all take me for stupid arrogant.. but to be honest I don’t fuck’in know.. things happen for some reason.. and I believe in myself so .. never mind where.. but believe me.. you gotta believe in yourself.. do it.. you tell me then.. shit even I wonder why.. the day will come the answer in a shining night..

..that’s the story..

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.. well.. lost here today on my definition.. Stream is back online by the way..

..I have been absent and very busy with my life for the last 6 months.. a bit maintenance is always good..

.. news about Icemoon 2013.. Sunny Beach & the "The Other venue" venue projects are frozen.. the situation have change in Greece and my life story was a chaos, I didn't really follow the project steps properly for this Year.. I decided to postpone the project for 2014-15.. to be continue..

..for the moment I focus a new project.. Will announce soon news about all Icemoon 2013

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Hi people.. time have past too fast..
I had to take time to take care of some stuff in life..
.. since April 2013 is a long time.. so it's time to refresh things..

You find news from the year 2013 here..
.. as we were remains at this point relative to the last contact with the Journal..

I will keep that Festival in mind.. until then have a Fresh Beer..