August 09th to 14th 2010 • "Revelation Part II"

Spending my days between Sunbath and shopping relaxing, I was needing this tranquility for a long time now. During these days I was invited to a wedding in a very special art here in India.. it goes for 3days but we have just spend a afternoon at the party. The food is really nice over here ;)

As the situation have bin alternated a bit also in Switzerland I decided to stay some couple of days more in India.

August 05th to 08th 2010 • Theory Of Operation Part III

I Spend my last days hearing Hip Hop and Rap Like Ice-T, Dr. Dre, 2-Pac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Ice Cube, Noturius B.I.G.. etc.. don't even ask me why...Specially Dr. Dre 2001 Album.. This brings me to the “Primitive” maybe it is gonna be a Hip Hop Based Track.. but who gonna sing this?

August 03rd & 04th 2010 • Artwork Roots

These two day were very rich in terms of meeting Artists and Producers.. But my Sound Engineer Khussh Mehta was very aware with regards to these people and did protect more then my Artwork. He doesn't let anybody spoil my Artwork and I am not expecting less from him ;)  I was surprised by the reaction of one of the producers specially when it comes to the Mix Part lol. (No comments..)

Friday July, 30th 2010 to Monday August, 2nd 2010 • Re-organization

Intensely Focus on my AlphaProject™ during this four pasted days and planing some of my next steps for the next 6months. I have realize that this Producer will never bring my interpretation on my compositions that I did with Lovv Mehta. So I have take some necessary steps to avoid to waste more time with this Studio.

During this days I finish some details on the 5th track but the energy is getting low and some events are happening around here, this don't let me really concentrate on my work.

Thursday July, 29th 2010 • "Dark Side Karma"

I was expecting a good work day today.. but Lovv had Unfortunately a urgent Project to work on.

I have spend my all day fighting with ma Trojan and reinstall my system -.-* I was really bored off but because of my PC, was a bad thing for a good thing ;)*

July 27th & 28th 2010 • Insomniac

 ... After a good Breakfast with Lovv Mehta we did work on “Shake it... That Ass”. The Evolution of the Track is awesome.. the day was really tranquil and we had a small meeting and dinner tonight with all the work team.

Later in the night I came back to Studio with Lovv Mehta and finish the break details on the 5th Track “Shake it... That Ass” with above 32 Stereo Layers. But this work isn't finish yet.

It is Wednesday around 5:30am I finally got my sleep...

Monday, July 26th 2010 • "Out of content"

Monday we was supposed to finalize the “Shake it .. that ass” Track. The Studio was busy for some reason...

Visit to the Cinema, I have forget the name of the Movie, but it was the best movie I ever seen from Leonardo Di Caprio. Nice Dream Manipulation trip Movie. It was a nice evening and relax night.

Came back later in the night to my Apartment and continue my work on “Pursuance Short Edition”

There will be soon Demos on Fairtilizer.

July 24th to 26th 2010 • "High Tensions"

Saturday Jul, 24th 2010 – 01:00pm till in the night around 01:00am
High tensions at the Studios, all about Mix & Mastering..

So far is the Production Steps concerning with Lovv Mehta we have done 4 awesome Tracks.

Sunday Jul, 25th 2010 – 05:50am
I keep enjoying my Tracks, Days starting to get really long and the content to analyze is even bigger every day. I don't need a break I had my Break before I came in India..but I have to rework all my state of conscience again... and this sucks.

July 22th & 23rd 2010 • "Sense of an Artist Part III"

Those pasted 2 days Thursday 22th and Friday 23rd was all about enjoying my self work and finalize detailing of “Old School Frequency” "Pursuance” and “Elements”.

Hunting meticulously details on Beats and different groove cords, very small corrections, this is all about the simple Interpretation of my Composer Editions.

The new track is in my mind, so soon as I get this retails done I am able to start the new track. I try to clear my head and the more I search the more in find to do.

July 20th & 21st 2010 • "Sense of an Artist Part II"

I get deep in to my work everyday even more and I don't even see the time past.

Tuesday and Wednesday goes around this “Elements” Track, over 40 Stereo Layers of Bounce and Confused Grooves creating a Harmony between my interpretation and the music it self's. With a stable Tribal beat this track keep you on the dance floor bouncing and dreaming between the Different Instruments feeling up the Space of your mind as composed.


Parental Advisory Explicit Content


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