Friday July, 30th 2010 to Monday August, 2nd 2010 • Re-organization

Intensely Focus on my AlphaProject™ during this four pasted days and planing some of my next steps for the next 6months. I have realize that this Producer will never bring my interpretation on my compositions that I did with Lovv Mehta. So I have take some necessary steps to avoid to waste more time with this Studio.

During this days I finish some details on the 5th track but the energy is getting low and some events are happening around here, this don't let me really concentrate on my work.

Is a good experience to be in India, there is no difference between the artists here and around the world. A soul of an Artist we recognize from far. I follow my first intuition concerning this feelings and choice the best for my Project.

Lovv and Khussh Mehta are Building a Brand New Studio but there still some retails to finish, this gonna take about 10 to 20 days waiting time.

I have take my time to think about the future steps and have take a decision late in the morning of Tuesday 5:50am...To be continue..

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