Monday Jul, 19th 2010 • "Sense of an Artist"

Intense and long  work day again here at the Studios, we keep working on & “Pursuance” again, there still work to do after a deep analyze. It was all about 3 little beats and finally the Composer Edition of “Pursuance” Retails getting to a end.

Elements” is a 11:30min Kinda Bounce Progressive Tribal Tech Trance House, based on down-tempo inspiration from my old roots as “Pursuance” was, those are my Lounge Trips and will be published as Composer Edition.

Sunday, July 18th 2010 • "Bounce Groove"

We start to work more in the evening, I start to feel the more and more in my creativity element.

We keep intently in “Elements”, a shot of Bouncing Dream Dark House Grooves, in some kinda way the Tech, Trance and of course Tribal variables are visible in this Production. The half job is done so far for this 4th Project.

Was a great and very creative day I am getting closer to my Fundamental Element. This Production signature is a very unique touch again.

Saturday Jul, 17th 2010 • Fundamental Elements

Saturday Jul, 17th 2010 – 04:49am
The inspiration of “Pursuance” was the key to build up the 4th Track “Fundamental Elements”. Based on the 8th beat this track, the House Bounce Groove it self's. It Grooves between House and Trance notes into a Mystery Half Psycho Accents. A really Dream Spectrum, kinda Dark Feeling again on this Production.

Friday Jul, 16th 2010 • "Impasse"

Friday Jul, 16th 2010 – Fri 08:00am ~ Saturday Jul, 17th  2:00am
We worked all day long on this new beat and we did it ;) the 4th track beat structure is build-ed so far.
The ultimate definition of  “elements”... beat released.

After all this work on “pursuance” still the short edition remain... We have done the short edit of pursuance, was good to rework on it I was missing it ^^

Thursday Jul, 15th 2010 • "Theory of Operation Part II"

Thursday Jul, 15th 2010 – 06:00pm
kinda off day, Lovv and I need some off day to reload creativity.

I still working on the "pursuance short edit" lost in my notes...

Fuck I can't forget Pursuance, this song is hunting my deepest grooves and creativity...I understand why we can't get in to a new track now...our mind can't leave “pursuance”..

Missing alien in SL

 In the SL world we miss Icemoon music, Icemoon sim (which was home to some of us) and most of all we miss alien who was giving all that to us....   Nils, I am looking forward to meet you again in SL when your rl business allowes you to come there.

Wednesday Jul, 14th 2010 • "Revelation"

This Production is creating a very intense Ambient at the Studios, as a Revelation “Pursuance” Sound Track have build an atmosphere with our minds as it was predicted. A Pleasure to have Lovv Metha as my Interpreter, otherwise people would take me for Crazy ;)*

Jul, 12th & 13th 2010 • "Pursuit"

The constant Hunting of details and precision, recompose and arrangement, there seams to never got a end work on this “Pursuance” Track. It goes like this for 2 intense days the Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th Jul.

Sunday Jul, 11th 2010 • "Prosecution..."

I Spend my Sunday Rectifying “Pursuance..”

This Sound Track is very particular, the way it is produced, the way it sounds, the way it grooves you deep in it.. each beat is to me important in this Production, The beat is the DJ Icemoon Signature it self's.

I Cud type Books explaining how I see all this Elements creating the Beat Confusion on my self production, there are details in my diary like...

Saturday Jul 10th, 2010 • Intensity .. reactions.. pursuance..

After an intensive work day..

Pursuance” is a amazing Production – Says Ram

Lovv Mehta and I are Surprise to see how good this Theory Of Operation from the Beat Part I of this Production on “Pursuance” and very proud of our performance.

Khussh Mehta … he still passing da fuck out on the beat.


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