Friday Jul, 09th 2010 • "Pursuance"

This Friday was kinda hunting the groove, the interpretation of this track is the Icemoon Copyright Signature on it self's.

The Track changes aspects every day intenser, from “Possessed Beat” to an Obsessional “Pursuance”. The more I work on it the more I see clear in my creativity that this beat is the Metronome it self's for Lovv Mehta.

Thursday Jul, 8th 2010 • "F***ing.. Possessed Heart Beat"

Thursday Jul, 8th 02:20am
After the match between Spain and Germany still clean my head be for I go sleep. Got it finally to watch one match in all the World Cup.. lol was a bad timing for me to follow matches he he.
Bla bla bla Technical Stuff & Sound Track Notes, Retails etc.. all bored stuff.

Here some between comments..

Wednesday Jul, 7th 2010 • A Next Step

Wednesday Jul, 7th 2010 - 11:37am

I keep listen to “Old School Frequency” track and work on the Mastering with the Sound Engineer.

With Lovv Mehta we get to the groove of the 3rd Track, actually no official Tag. We just got the beat and strings for the 3rd song this morning, finished around 10am the first 128 beats. We use a different Theory of Operation, is not better, is just different. I should get you the demo of it soon on Fairtilizer.

Tuesday Jul, 6th 2010 • Kinda Off Day

I took finally off today, Ram keep working on the mastering of "Old School Frequency".

I keep listen to “Influences and Old School Frequency's Composer Editions” I sleep on it, I wake up on it, I leave with them daily and I just can't get enough from it, just loop and play...

Monday Jul, 5th 2010 • "Old School Frequency"

"Old School Frequency" Track Released with above 26 layers. Based on Dream Dark variable in a House Style.
Over 8min dreaming trip all over the place. More details to this Track will follow in the future blogs.

Particularity of this track is the French touch signature ability.

Brilliant teamwork and great succeed track.

Sunday Jul, 4th 2010 • Theory of Operation

Today I started my day as usual, the new track is go'ta be “the f*** vocal voice” but my head is still running on 2nd hot cue of “Influence” (can't get enough of it lol)..

Inspiration track for today is “show me love”.
Lovv called me today, he told me he come tonight, we work in the evening today. I take my time and get ready to be the most clearly possible at this track. To be honest we have done a great work on the influence in 2 days, even if I was not in my cultural English context.

Saturday Jul, 3rd 2010 • "Influence"

Today was my first MC at all in a studio, and the demo track just get this first try at all....this was a f** nice feeling, I never felt something like this before that makes you "pass da fuck out" of tears.. lol....
However I felt the groove as it is in the demo.

Still looking for Female voice for my Album.

Finish the “Influence" Instrumental Composer Edition.

I MC on the groove of the song to determinate the the character of the song, but I need a female voice.

Friday Jul, 2nd 2010 • Hunting continue..

Mandira female vocal, came in the afternoon for casting. Now I had my first female voice example.
The party gave me inspiration in relation to the lyrics. I still work on it...

Thursday Jul, 1st 2010 • Voice Hunting..

Still working on Influence. During one of the breaks I met Martin raper male voice in the afternoon at the studio.....gave me an idea of the voices available in Bangalore.

Wednesday Jun, 30th 2010 • First Instrumental Realized

First track concept in place the grooves neatly placed, the instrumentation perfect ...

I'm so inspired the music is like a subliminal message eating into your mind and influencing every aspect of my being...oooh yeah that is the  track "INFLUENCE" or "IN- FLUENCY" think of lyrics now need and need to hear some good female voices that can fit my vision.

The team is awesome and we understand each other very well, the feeling is surreal.


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