Thursday Jul, 15th 2010 • "Theory of Operation Part II"

Thursday Jul, 15th 2010 – 06:00pm
kinda off day, Lovv and I need some off day to reload creativity.

I still working on the "pursuance short edit" lost in my notes...

Fuck I can't forget Pursuance, this song is hunting my deepest grooves and creativity...I understand why we can't get in to a new track now...our mind can't leave “pursuance”..

I was going to interpret the sound track “pursuance” but the best way to understand it as my own composer version, is the simple fact of listen to each beat and re-enjoy it again and over again... go and pursuance your self the interpretation...

Theory of Operation Part II:
bla bla bla.. technical stuff again ;) poor diary..
In some kinda way this Beat Confusion on Part II is to much addicted..

Thursday Jul, 15th  2010 – 06:20pm
I really try to update the website blog version but is a bit complicate, there always is a solution to anything, self a interpretation of the composer blog he he... so soon as I clean up the technical bored stuff, the blog looks a bit empty..looks like I was intense in this productions of the last 2 tracks, “Old School frequency” & “Pursuance” was like working, sleeping on it, all the notes are bored technical notes and retails. So I still working on the Public Version of the Blog and daily the Blog is even bigger, don't worries you people go have the time to enjoy each detail of it, make sense if it is late but right ;)

Friday Jul, 16th 2010 – 00:22am
Définitivement on arrive pas a décrocher de “pursuance”.

time to sleep...

06:00amwhere is my sleep ?

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