September 16th 2010 • "Party With Mark "O" Mariotti"

L'Incontournable was the Lounge Bar Club that Mark “O” Mariotti had he's gig Thursday, Septembre 16th. Was a really great set and Mark now Mix on Traktor and external devices ;) Who would believe this without seeing it ? ;)*

I have bin Introduced to JayDee (Plastic Dreams) a very good friend of Mark”O” Mariotti, we have talk about music and become nice friends, also a nice trip with my stuff here ^^ and Mark appreciated the new produced Tracks, of course this still a Album version. Mark's favorite is “Pursuance” and he told me there is lots of content to work on remixes. More information will follow.

NELSON AND MIRCO AT JAVACLUB FOR THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY After Mark's gig we have had a visit to the JAVACLUB for the 5th Anniversary of the Disco, with Luciano on the Mix there was over 1000 or 2000 people in that party, crazy awesome people, greatest ambiance and music the finest. Mark introduce me to lots of people and I also have retrieve old friends all over this Jungle styled of JAVACLUB in Geneva. After that the party continue with After of course till midday lol. However I am booked for “L'Incontournable” in Geneva the Thursday, September 23.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content