memo dedicating this to my son.. it was the december 28th 6:30pm..
..pay attention this one is encoded.. the day after You told me this, word by word..
"hey.. we didi it, we pushed it like warriros.. we made it.. with great team work.. like heros.. we are survivors.."

.. somewere in the past journal memos i mentioned certainly a centense like.. "I'm a Warrrior.. were is my weapon.." I would never imagine myself that this piece of Jigsaw, would have such aspect..

  1. High Rankin - Heaven & Hell (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Fullmetal feat. Kaiza - Vanity Of Existence (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. Karma - Back & Forth (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Khronos - Sound Burglar (Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Killer Industries - The Great Don Burke (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. Killer Industries - Hurt Me Plenty (Icemoon live rmx)
  7. LAXX - Step Three (Hamilton Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  8. MaxNRG - Now Hear This (Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Mind Vortex - Underworld (Icemoon live rmx)
  10. Mindscape - Stardust (Jade Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  11. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  12. Mob Tactics - Gasp For Breath (Icemoon live rmx)
  13. Modulate - Hallelujah (Icemoon live rmx)
  14. Neonlight & Hedj - Hammerhead (NickBee Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  15. Original Sin - Labyrinth (Icemoon live rmx)
  16. Noel - 3 Steps (Icemoon live rmx)
  17. Physical Illusion - Freedom (Icemoon live rmx)
  18. Nelver - Impressions (Icemoon live rmx)
  19. Kredit - Reflections Of Time (Icemoon live rmx)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content