331.. You Bitch.. I Found You.. (memo journal May 21st, 2015 6:22:26pm)
..Record 331.. let’s me speechless.. probably because there are to many reasons to name it “Serendipity”.. Getting overloaded by the number of factors that link this edition to something so phenomenal that I will have a hard time to digest.. but from the all thing here since.. I can say I was looking for something like this.. still not sure for the Spectrum Character.. but that’s my opinion..

Comparing this to an Opportunity.. it would be a simple spark of Serendipity.. the moral reasons, real facts, artwork selection, frequency type, active condition, mix mood, attitude, music style & gender, aspects, determination, coincidence, situation, state of mind.. if we go deeper we find the path to the serendipity all over the blogs, social circles, family, friends, fan base..  life status & generation timing.. the number of things are are concerned to offer this moment so called phenomenal is something from indescribable.. every were my toughs go or i look somewhere or speak to someone.. this pops.. Serendipity..

of-course this is relative to what aspect we admire.. this one here.. #331.. is from far coinciding with many layers to be a lie..

If you get really involved with Icemoon Season 4 (Live Records #231-#331) and have some time to visit the history of my Journal.. you are going to have fun.. this is something for you..

I can love all my editions for different reasons each of them.. this is pure Artwork for Your consideration of EDM (Electronic Music Dance) of this generation.. Started on House Style trough Electro to Dubstep in to TrapMusic.. even DnB or even more versatile like.. Rap or HipHop.. and somewhere was Icestep mentioned.. It’s a nice generation musical trip I am having..

.. I must say.. something is really tendency on this sample of TrapMusic as I see or feel it.. #320 to #331 are the metamorphism in to a new Style, Gender or Attitude Tendency.. and something is not letting me completely in.. this Spectrum.. it sounds empty to me between this Highertz and the Dirty Bassline.. look like a skinny bitch to me… it should be something there to grab on it when we want to..

..let’s see what we gonna discover with coming  up Season 5..

“If there are to many aspects linking you to nuance.. You only lie to Yourself if you want to.. The first intuition is the right one..”

“Well it’s were I converge myself in to trust only me..”


  1. A - Trak feat. GTA - Landline 2.0 (Icemoon Remix)
  2. Artistic Raw - Miami (Havok Roth & HLTR$KLTR Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  3. Bassjackers - Like That (Mike Got' Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  4. Bingo Players - Rattle (Luminox Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  5. Borgore - Ice Cream (The MarsPluto Trapped Out Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  6. DOPEZTB - BUIT (Icemoon Remix)
  7. JoMEriX - Act Like Young (Icemoon Remix)
  8. Simon Louis - Som En Boss (Snavs Remix) (Icemoon Remix)
  9. Valentino Khan - 40 OZ (Icemoon Remix)
  10. Arcobeats - Morphine (Icemoon Remix)
  11. Zagor - Claw (Icemoon Remix)
  12. Aquadrop - WHUUUT! (Icemoon Remix)
  13. Avallo x CVPELLV x White Gangster - Touch It (Icemoon Remix)
  14. Cazzette - Beam Me Up (Alex Louder Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  15. heRobust X gLAdiator - We Are (Icemoon Remix)
  16. Knuckle Children - Kick Back (Icemoon Remix)
  17. RUSTEP - TRY ME (Icemoon Remix)
  18. Gucci Mane - Pillz (Riot Ten's MIGHT BE Trap Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  19. Charlie Traplin - Bitches (Icemoon Remix)
  20. Diplo - Express Yourself (Gent & Jawns Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  21. Oski - Spaced Out (Icemoon Remix)
  22. Diplo - Express Yourself (Gent & Jawns Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  23. Vato Gonzalez - WHAT! (Icemoon Remix)
  24. Smearcase - Jigglin' (Icemoon Remix)
  25. Bro Safari - The Drop (Icemoon Remix)
  26. Don Aero - Bang (feat. C-Kan)(Icemoon Remix)
  27. eSenTRIK - Collapse(Icemoon Remix)
  28. Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On (Gold Top Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  29. BEARSOHMY - Champa (Icemoon Remix)
  30. Lil Wayne - A Milli (Cut Throats Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  31. Major Lazer - Get Free feat. Amber (What So Not Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  32. Iyaz - Replay (Smearcase Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  33. Trey Song - Na Na (Trinix Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  34. Buchan - Money Maker (Icemoon Remix)
  35. Dead x User - Twerk Whore (Icemoon Remix)
  36. Fabian Mazur & LVX - So Phat (Icemoon Remix)
  37. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Mister Black Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  38. House Of Pain - Jump Around (Jantsen & Dirt Monkey Re - Twerk)(Icemoon Remix)
  39. Rihanna - Stay (Branchez Bootleg)(Icemoon Remix)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content