..be ready for this one.. isn't for weak ass bitches..

  1. 16 Bit - Cobra (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Darkelixir, Whoisthis, Barron - Rival & Guests - Mucktion (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. 501 - Chasing Stars (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Dirty It Up, Tremourz, Obsidian - Time To Go (Tremourz-n-Obsidian Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Dodge & Fuski - Round One (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. DZ & David Besplug; Jantsen - Poundtown (Jantsen Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Filth Collins - Levels VIP Feat. Maksim (Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Hot Date! - Predator (Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Jakes - Rock The Bells [The Frim VIP](Icemoon live rmx)
  10. KLRGRM - Shatta (Icemoon live rmx)
  11. Kode Red - Dub Face (Icemoon live rmx)
  12. Labrat - Supernova (Icemoon live rmx)
  13. Nes - Slamfist (Icemoon live rmx)
  14. Phatman - Rogue Robots (Icemoon live rmx)
  15. Richard Wilkins ft. Fifi Smart - Fatal Touch (Icemoon live rmx)
  16. SKisM - Like This (feat Virus Syndicate)(Icemoon live rmx)
  17. Skrillex Ft. Foreign Beggars - Still Gettin It (Zomboy Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  18. Skrillex; Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Icemoon live rmx)
  19. Skullee - Nothing Is Forever (Icemoon live rmx)
  20. Syndaesia - Sinking Sand VIP (Icemoon live rmx)
  21. Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner - We Own The Night (Back From The Future Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  22. Will Bailey - Interlude (Icemoon live rmx)
  23. Skeptiks - Shadows (Icemoon live rmx)
  24. Skeptiks - Villains (Icemoon live rmx)


icemoon's picture

..Journal memo.. May 24th 2013.. ref.: 304

Well.. it looks like I woke up more then Hercules during my visit to Kefalos in Kos Island.. the experience have allow me to Organize an Icemoon | 2013 better then aspect-ed.. The Collaboration with Iversia, is at this point of time about to archive one of the most important steps of Icemoon’s Project..

I guess “Predator” revelatory is clear about the fierceness expression on it.. many aspects can be appreciated.. for so long we apply the wise art..

How far would you go to get what you want..

Thank you for everyone that I have been able cross, Spoke too or Involved in anyway of my path.. Nature is linked and why my success depends on the same balance..

As I mentioned in “Reference”.. what makes the difference is the “Unity”

Lost on some random of my iPod 304 | Predator keeps playing as it have something to tell me.. may be it’s the fact of intensity.. the more we listen the more we like it.. to be honest with you.. even I didn’t understand my own artwork until the state of mind apply..

I had many things to say in different ways to make it clear here even for me since March 21st 2013.. I need to get it out of my system.. This is a simple recognition from my side as I do very much appreciate all the presence of all of you during my path for the last pas 5 years.. I will come back to this but is really not my gender to to Thanking for so much..

"Art is the only reason that I did all this for.. and to Art become all this credit..
Nelson Branco 2013"


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