Trying to compose a commercial set on request for internal use.. no joke.. well this set is everything but not commercial.. here is a Underground House in a Progressive spiral session.. or something like that..
235th Edition is also based on the theorem of the 234th Edition..  I have got some feed back, and I have to say..

The why of an Answer is the reason of the Question itself” - Nelson Branco 2009
.. as we can see my perceptive is different.. but..

The why of a Question is the reason of the answer it self
.. would make sens but why would I ask me that..?

...Make your choices, the perceptive of Life.. it's yours..

Playlist Remixed by DJ Icemoon:

  1. Gina Star, DJ Roland Clark - This Is Hollywood (Instrumental Mix)                       
  2. Infusion - Try It On (D. Ramirez Vox)
  3. Richard Grey & Maboo Inc. vs. Todd Terry - Somethings Going On 2010 (Antranig Remix)
  4. Julio Leal And Miguel Galindo feat Nuria Swan - Night Spirit (Original Mix)
  5. Paco Maroto, Juanra Martinez - Gudvibe 2010 (Les Schmitz, Alex Del Amo Remix)
  6. Rivaz, Schenetti - Who Da Fk (Club Censured Mix)
  7. Andrew Shatnyy, Enton Mushi - Valgaopen (Enton Mushi Remix)                             
  8. Max Cooper - Inhaleexhale (Tim Sheridan's Breathe In Mix)
  9. Big World - The Fat Man (Arbre Blass, Adam Reeves Remix)
  10. Dave Lambert - Disco Beat (Dean Newton Remix)
  11. Dom Kane - Dont Talk (Original Mix)                                                     
  12. Lish - Breaking Point (Original Mix)
  13. Lish - Star Scream (Original Mix)
  14. Northlake, JSC - On My Mind (George Lukin Remix)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content