..How much can you Desire a Strange Convergence.. this artwork is a residue of some phenomena attitude.. I had some notes.. but really so much tags.. details and stuff.. but after been back from Greece.. the version of this article may be a bit different.. not better.. just different.. as things should never change…

I can’t stop thinking about this unbelievable night in Greece as the three weeks pasted there.. the environment got my mind.. where ever I look.. I keep Desiring this Beach.. never mind the time.. from sunrise to the moonshine..

.. anyway.. back this artwork here tagged desire for it’s attitude.. mix art and signature of the Baazz Frequency.. hitting you right there.. directly to the heart.. the more you listen.. the more you desire.. the smooth way of the clarity..

.. how many perspectives can we give to a such artwork.. how much can you visualize a desire..

some of my works really fuck around with my mind.. this is ones of them.. nothing else to say.. but many feelings are expressed on it.. enjoy it.. cause that one is fuck’in house music..

  1. Jay Lumen - Shaker (Icemoon Live)
  2. Jose M Presents - Approve Marijuana (Alex Piccini Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  3. Lonya & Ilya Feat. Meital De Razon - Spring Reign(Icemoon Live)
  4. Mr. Y - I'm Your Delay(Icemoon Live)
  5. Housepussies - Zora In Red 2011 (Tujamo Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  6. Massimo Santucci & DJ Pearl - Allegro Vivace (Sebastian Krieg Mix)(Icemoon Live)
  7. Bingo Players - Mode (Icemoon Live)
  8. Brain Mapping - Infusion (Dark Blu Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  9. Coqui Selection - Beat Cox (Icemoon Live)
  10. Guille Placencia & J.Shoes AKA Javi Always - Back (Icemoon Live)
  11. Matt Samuels - Teko (Icemoon Live)
  12. Moonbeam Feat. Pryce Oliver - Excess (Dub Mix)(Icemoon Live)
  13. Alex Del Amo - Rising to the Top (Icemoon Live)
  14. Moonbeam Feat. Pryce Oliver - Excess (Dub Mix)(Icemoon Live)
  15. Alex Del Amo - Qabala Rules (Icemoon Live)
  16. Andrew Bennett - The Orange Theme (Koen Groeneveld Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  17. Basto & Yves V - Cloudbreaker (Icemoon Live)
  18. Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carra - Far l'Amore (Franky Rizardo Alternative Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  19. DAB & Sissa - Life (Icemoon Live)
  20. Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Icemoon Live)
  21. Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carra - Far l'Amore (Franky Rizardo Alternative Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  22. Futuristic Polar Bears & Joe Quinn - I Think I'm in Love (Icemoon Live)
  23. Itaka - Pussy Lover (Icemoon Live)
  24. Jesse Garcia & Kevin Andrews - Party (Jesse Garcia Big Room Mix)(Icemoon Live)
  25. John Dahlback - Phoenix (Icemoon Live)
  26. Manuel De La Mare & Luca Monticelli - B2B (Icemoon Live)
  27. Mark Simmons - Tear Us Apart (Mark Simmons Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  28. Michael Brun - Dawn (Hardwell Edit)(Icemoon Live)
  29. Mitch LJ -  Beiramar (Icemoon Live)
  30. Roger Slato - Up To The Sky (A.C.N. & Duher Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  31. Sebastian Krieg & Andrew Bennett - Azure (Icemoon Live)
  32. Stonebridge, Funky Junction & Chris Kaeser - MDF (Icemoon Live)
  33. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Lethal Industry (Icemoon Live)
  34. Tom Novy - Take it (Aint & Fish Dub)(Icemoon Live)
  35. Tomcraft - Tell Mummy (Icemoon Live)
  36. Max Vertigo & SevenEver - Come Bc (Bulat Mugalov & Michael Dmz Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  37. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Letting You Go) (Markus Schulz Big Room Remix)(Icemoon Live)
  38. Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carra - Far l'Amore (Franky Rizardo Alternative Remix)(Icemoon Live)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content