291.. May 7th2013.. 32 years later..journal memo..

..If there is an artwork I bet all my blood is “convergence”.. Mind extreme limit extended to the max of my music culture..
I woke up today on
290.. The "Seduction" series part III.. House music but very singular mixtapes..
Later on the afternoon when the pressure releases came "
Paradox".. Un-aspects "Overdose" in to "Convergence".. That Classico right there is one of the unique references people today compose with some real instrument.. It’s an artwork that I really appreciate on the trip of this discovery..

The moral of the story is.. My artworks talk to me and recall me each unknown path referring to an unique result… I spend many time working on these mixes.. But I spend more time wondering them for the originality of such terms..
The best is the moment they talk to you.. True as an chronic serendipity..
With the distance of 16months.. This ones sounds to me like feather adjusting cords if my brain.. Tied up to my sub conscience.. Reveling all my music culture I have been hunting on myself..

We are what we are.. And you better leave it.. Because the answer is in you.. Converge yourself..

 Full edition and playlist here..

Parental Advisory Explicit Content