Jump - Kriss Kross (Icemoon Live Rmx)

[KK] | Icemoon (Journal Extract from May 6th 2012 / Live Record n° 298 / Underground)

..was very long time a go.. as I was a kid .. I use to walk on the streets with some friends.. stereo on my shoulders.. almost like a “Punk”.. - some gurls pop up on the road corner .. and my cassette just fucked up the record of  “Jump”.. we was there passing out on the road.. without music dancing like monkeys.. lmao.. for these who still alive.. I dedicate this mix to.. for the memories and friends near “Lohrena” quarder in Bern City 1994..

I told myself “I will remix this shit one day..”

How an ideal can grow up in you, out of the most opposite factor.. is just a matter of time..  Nelson Branco 2012


Parental Advisory Explicit Content