I am...lol  I'm still amazed by the excitement with which I discover your sessions.  222 and 223, are just incredible sessions.  I love the varied selections and mixes in both.  What I noticed is that you didnt finish 223 with Faithless.  So when it ended, after 2.5 plus hours, I was wanting more.  Im not sure that this is what you intended, but that was the effect.  Its a great idea to leave us wanting more.  lol
Btw...I was finally able to get 225 to dowload.  Dont ask me how.  I couldnt begin to tell you.  lol

My IPod has been commandeered by the "Girls" and this is the session they repeatedly select to listen to while we're in the car.  They love it from beginning to end.  Its funny to watch the observers in the other cars as we do our traffic light dancing...that means can you do this dance move?  So much fun!  I told you that was a great session :o)  But then...you already knew.

Baby we can do it.  Take your time.  Do it right.  We can do it baby.  Do it tonight.  I think those are the lyrics.  Me and my creative lyric syndrome may be at work here, but thats what it sounds like to me.  lol  Anyway, who is this? I can repeatedly, and do, rewind ipod to listen to this mix.  Me lovey so much.

icemoon's picture

Hehe, the remix at 1h58minm is based on "Cold Blank - Doin' It Right" (DJ Icemoon Live Mix)

Glad you like it ,) Keep listen and enjoying the grooves of Electro House.

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I was listen to the performance of this session tonight..

I have to say, I'm surprised again my self today on this state of mind to have reach this kinda art of rmx style i had when did this session.

As 218 [IR] this session will be have a special Demo and some Live Cuts.

I'm glad you people keep enjoying it ;)

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