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This Session is the "Decrescendo" path, taged [SL] 136 this session represent 100 songs remixed live in 4h~.
I will keep the play list for Internal Use.

Thank you Very much for listening, we was 100~ listeners, was a great party i had fun and was glad to share this 48h Set Composion work in this live session.

Special thanks to this Guest List*:

Axelle Burt, davide Verwood, Monica Redyard, Victoria Grau, Antonios Shelman, Marthina Eleonara, blueangel Gloom, Ismaele Yazimoto, Ricie Kappler, lorenzo1108 Varriale, Nashira Clarrington, dawnella Magic, Scoutlounge Magic, Emil Korda, Eriale Zhangsun, Ed Intikhab, clariss Paule, VeroniqueJoelie Varriale, Pepeillo Cyberstar, Robert Carfield, Rita Ferina, Natalie Soulstar, Boy Niekerk, bombiyo2 Dembo, cesar28 Baxton, Rotti Beaumont, Yasmin Lichlore, Axelen Carlberg, Noctiluca Dix, flatron Cuttita, Monni Kanto, Anabella Wrigglesworth, Skyy Falconer, Robert88 Danitz, Denise Tigerauge, oscarpc21 Khalifa, nena64130 Juliesse, oAlice Huntress, Yasmina Shilling, Selina Silverfall, Xeth Sideways, Abby Loomslough, Ra Hansome, Pattko Carrasco, Leona Jayaram, Bull Inglewood, SpurShaft Nirvana, Nikolina Bulloch, Jacky Macpherson, Shani Sugar, Paddy Hoffnung, Cara Roxley, Donny Homewood, Mia Zenovka, Pluto Demonia, rosalinda Denver, saravenusia Pearl, Lexa Easterman, Rhayemma Tsunenaga, bigban Zehetbauer, era Tatham, Stunner Titanium, Lauren Dyrssen, Roman Hughes, Lori Stanton, Sole Violet, Almond Jaxxon, Yushka Ormega, sadie Mixmaster, Melia Claven, cooper Galli, Dakini Adamczyk, Mamon Karu, Collette Miles, Java Clip, dje Solo, NILE Foxdale, Delaine Pintens, rominacarla Fall, Luke Atlass, Adi Audebarn, Nicci Nikolaidis, brabo Batista, CHANEL Breil, Cat Sosa, Merchi Caproni, Eros Batista, Jolie Ceriano, Heez Harvey, Lamia Holmer, boss Paule, Tomb Snook, DIVA Macalroy, Inanna Aya, Tanngnosi Hadisson, BOBO Paolino, Aphrodite Corleone, Ladyzlove Mint, Mayzie Teardrop.

*(Gues list based on 40m Radios/300sec presence time.)

Tonight, as I listened to your 137 composition, I was ooooh'd and ahhhhhh'd, and omg'd by so many of your remixes.  Every time I listen there is yet another realization.  This one, however, is not new.  Tonights session was a crescendo...like FIREWORKS.  I love fireworks...lol  i was left wanting more and cheered for more as I applauded you SL and RL.  I stood up from my chair saying "OMG! OMG! OMG!  Everyone present felt your energy.  Therein lies yet another of your gifts.  Your ability to transmit what you feel, through your music and to those of us who are listening.  Thank you for sharing and bringing us into your world of music. 

Music is the same in all  languages, and nothing brings people together like music!!! This DJ Connect this many  peoples!! He is the BEST of THE BEST!!!  BRAVO Maestro!!   Hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Parental Advisory Explicit Content