My son.. it is the December 13th 2016.. 3:33am.. I dedicated this memo to you because it is today, the day of 4 years ago.. Epoc speaks already about You, a prediction that was more an intuition then life experience..  to be honest with you my son.. I don’t really know which ones was more accurate.. I just perceive this quantization converging in to serendipity.. today is the day you have to know something.. and here is my way of telling you this..

..there will be always a bitch worthy to fight for.. because life.. remains after you my son.. (underground link)

  1. XXTRAKT - Higher (Icemoon rmx)
  2. DALLAS K - Alienz (NYMZ Remix)(Icemoon rmx)
  3. CASPA - Setting Sun (Antiserum, Mayhem rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  4. BAAUER - Harlem Shake (Icemoon rmx)
  5. RIOT TEN, SUE CHO - Like A boss (Icemoon rmx)
  6. TOMSIZE, SIMEON - What's That (Icemoon rmx)
  7. EQUINOX - Puw$$y (Icemoon rmx)
  8. XOOK - Makedata$$ (Icemoon rmx)
  9. BRO SAFARI - That A$$ (Icemoon rmx)
  10. ICEKREAM - Fuk You So Much (Icemoon rmx)
  11. D!RTY AUD!O, LOUDPVCK - Buck (Icemoon rmx)
  12. IGGY AZALEA - Work Jacob (Plant rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  13. BAAUER - Yaow! (Icemoon rmx)
  14. YELLOW CLAW - 4 In The Morning (Icemoon rmx)
  15. PLURGATTI BOYZ - Afro Nuts (Icemoon rmx)
  16. JACOB PLANT - Louder (Kennedy Jones rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  17. YO MAJESTY - club Action (Smookie Illson rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  18. BRO SAFARI, UFO! - Drama (Icemoon rmx)
  19. PONCHO GRADY - Yep (Icemoon rmx)
  20. RUDEBRAT - Won't Stop (Icemoon rmx)
  21. DIPLO, FAUSTIX, IMANOS, KAI - Revolution (Icemoon rmx)
  22. ALIX PEREZ - Deng (Nevermind rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  23. DJ SNAKE - Together (Icemoon rmx)
  24. GENT, JAWNS - Fireball (Andromulus rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  25. ZESKULLZ - Clapzzz (White Gangster rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  26. MAYHEM, ANTISERUM - Bricksquad Anthem (Icemoon rmx)
  27. BRILLZ - Smashi Tup (Icemoon rmx)
  28. SKRILLEX - Dirty Vibe (DJ Snake, Aazar rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  29. MEGHAN TRAINOR - All About (Ice Creamz rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  30. NERO - Won't You (Be There) [Baauer Remix](Icemoon rmx)
  31. KENDRICK LAMAR, HIT-BOY - Backseat Freestyle (Icemoon rmx)
  32. CONTIEZ, TREYY G - Trumpsta (Nymz rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  33. DANNY BROWN - Blunt After Blunt (Big Dope P rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  34. DIPLO - Express Yourself (Gent, Jawns rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  35. KEYS'N'KRATES - Dum Dee Dum (Icemoon rmx)
  36. DIPLO - Express Yourself (Gent, Jawns rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  37. EVIL ANALOG, MOTOM - Triple X (Icemoon rmx)
  38. OTIS CLAPP, BAILO BEATS - Gettin' High (Icemoon rmx)
  39. FLOSSTRADAMUS - Rollup (Baauer rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  40. DAVID GUETTA, NICKI MINAJ - Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack)(Icemoon rmx)
  41. APASHE, PANTHER, ODALISK - No Twerk (Icemoon rmx)
  42. DREAM MCLEAN - Network (Chase, Status rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  43. JESSIE J - Burnin' Up (Aero Chord rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  44. BARELY ALIVE - Boston Shit (Icemoon rmx)
  45. LIL JON, TYGA - Bend Ova (Icemoon rmx)
  46. DIPLO, LAZERDISK PARTY SEX - Set It Off (Twrk rmx)(Icemoon rmx)
  47. A-TRAK, MILO, OTIS - Out The Speakers (Icemoon rmx)
  48. BRO SAFARI, SAZON BOOYA - Danger (Icemoon rmx)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content