..memo note from one month a go.. probably stuff nobody understand or even care about..
324.. Surprise surprise
If I am almost you find my mind here somewhere between 320 and 324.. Referring still to 318 working on this tight bass since ref. 12.60%F • 1.46R

The convergence of this artwork and the work it self.. If I can say technical.. It happens sometimes like I 271S an Z series that we have to work on exactly same frequency type to adjust this brain of ours :)

However this sample of Icemoon 324er live edition converges to many layers in order to even explain something about since 231er live edition.. Il end up with 100 editions for season 4 with shit that happens for some reason.. Now this is an opportunity..

Surprise surprise.. Convergence was mentioned and felt really close this state of mind.. When we have the feeling of finding it.. It keeps running from you.. And hope so..

NS6 isn’t my favorite toy but this edition was made on it.. Same issues as in 312-317.. All failed.. After a hard work on the file its able to be played.. I'lL probably do this on the NS7 too..

  1. Dirty Drums - Hurt (Icemoon Remix)
  2. TaLabun - Ready ( prod. by Aggz )(Icemoon Remix)
  3. TaLabun - Grime Reaper ( prod. by Aggz )(Icemoon Remix)
  4. TaLabun - Good Mary ( prod. by Agzz )(Icemoon Remix)
  5. TaLabun - Body Bag ( prod. by Aggz )(Icemoon Remix)
  6. Tim Ismag - Heavy (Clip)(Icemoon Remix)
  7. Excision - Brutal (Icemoon Remix)
  8. Eminem  - Lose Yourself (Cry Wolf Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  9. Anile & Foreign Concept - True Enemies (Icemoon Remix)
  10. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman  - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  11. Aeph - Hoedown (Icemoon Remix)
  12. Mensah, Sukh Knight & Squarewave - Quad Bikes (Delta Heavy remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  13. Eminem feat. Rihanna - Love the way you lie (DeadWish Dubstep Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  14. Quentin Hiatus - Interim (Tankman Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  15. Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin (Figure Remix)(Icemoon Remix)
  16. DIESEL feat CAPTAIN CRUNCH - Make the Beat Bite (feat Brotherhood Of Fith & Maksim)(Icemoon Remix)
  17. KOAN Sound feat. Foreign Beggars - Look Who's Back (Icemoon Remix)
  18. Pickster One - Start The Fuckin Mosh Pit (Icemoon Remix)
  19. ETC!ETC!, Bro Safari - The Clap (feat. ETC!ETC!) (Icemoon Remix)
  20. Cypress Hill - Another Victory (Drop The Cheese Bootleg)(Icemoon Remix)
  21. IKKI vs The Zombie - kids R u gonna go My way Remix (Icemoon Remix)
  22. Troid - Killer Movie Scene (Icemoon Remix)

Parental Advisory Explicit Content