..a week a go....Deeper Mystery..

I have been working for the last 4h on some background work here.. and 290 “Deeper” came up telling me it wants to be released.. many words wandered trough my head to express a bit of it.. but the trip of 3h seams to be not long enough… before I had the time to express anything it was 268’s "Mystery" Intro.. right there.. it looks like I am gone for the next 4h inspiration.. how time here is so relative… to me it isn’t never enough.. but this combo tonight is a back-stab of my Re-diffusion Program lmao.. for these who want understand this flashback serendipity.. the only thing to do is play them after each other.. believe me your ext 8h gonna be epic from the deep house trough the Tribal Housetech to the high Electro Pick.. an Infinity constant progression referencing to each other’s Artwork.. in to a “Deeper Mystery”.. by Icemoon..

..First 2012'er Edition..

  1. Iron Curtis - You Are (Icemoon Rmx)
  2. John Daly - Equinox (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. Combinator - Glimmer (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Ruthit - Alright (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Anthony Yarranton - Stripjacket (Re-Edit)(Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Ocean Gaya - Love Thing (Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Rigor - Calling (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Deep-Maker - The Shadow (Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Dino & Terry - Spa (Icemoon Rmx)
  10. J. Axel - Every Part Of The World (Club Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  11. J. Axel - Start Receiving (Keep Receiving Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Lukas Greenberg - Do It (Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Oliver Moldan - Babe (Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Piek - Una Noche En Vela (Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Stan Kolev - Closer (Timewriter Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Suel - To The South (Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Tobia Coffa - Sweet (Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Yofunk - Restart (Icemoon Rmx)
  19. Akabu - Another World (Andre Lodemann Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  20. Balcazar & Sordo - Through A Filter (Icemoon Rmx)
  21. Da Funk - Look Ahead (Icemoon Rmx)
  22. Daniel Kyo - Pixels (The Messenger Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  23. DKMA - Everyday (DK Dub)(Icemoon Rmx)
  24. Dmit Kitz Topspin - Getting Love (Icemoon Rmx)
  25. Elastic Sound - Moscow After Autumn Rain (JP Phillippe Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  26. Frankman - Change (Icemoon Rmx)
  27. Gamal Kabar - 4 Lally (Burnski Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  28. J. Axel - Skylife (Icemoon Rmx)
  29. Lewis Lastella - Sunset (Icemoon Rmx)
  30. Lukas Greenberg - Words 4 U (Icemoon Rmx)
  31. Maya Jane Coles - Simple Things (Icemoon Rmx)
  32. Mr. Clean - Too Good For Me (Dub Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  33. MrCenzo & Luke Sawyer - African Ghost Tale (Icemoon Rmx)
  34. No Solution - The Spirit Of The Wood (Icemoon Rmx)
  35. No Solution - Polar Lights (Icemoon Rmx)
  36. Pete Gust - Nightlife (Icemoon Rmx)
  37. Rich T - That Feeling (Drew Tempest Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  38. Satoshi Fumi - MH1 (Father Hawk's Touch)(Icemoon Rmx)
  39. Solomun - After Rain Comes Sun (Joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab)(Icemoon Rmx)
  40. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Smugglers (Icemoon Rmx)
  41. Thiago Rodrigues - Amphiprion (Icemoon Rmx)
  42. Tom Davis - Develop (Icemoon Rmx)
  43. Daniel Dubb - Bring The Heat (Icemoon Rmx)
  44. DJ Falk - Jaana (Icemoon Rmx)
  45. Romano Alfieri - Bring The Beat (Icemoon Rmx)
  46. Simone Tavazzi - What A Funk (Icemoon Rmx)
  47. The Junkies - No Matter Where (Supernova Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  48. Microstar - Cross Roads (Fast Forward Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  49. Paul Ritch - Carrrrramba (Monkey Mix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  50. Sun Control Species - Sleeve (Astronivo Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)


 You hid her for tooooooo long....awesome 

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.. the more deeper we go.. the more knowledge we know.. based on this quote.. born this tag.. reflecting the serendipity along the artworks editions.. building some kinda art of Jigsaw.. here again I stop and ask my self.. wasn’t specific to be like this when i first arranged the play list.. while the live composition no either.. at the end i just felt released some nirvana.. 

Only when we appreciate our own work.. that we progress in our creativity..

.. some mind limits shouldn’t be expressed by quotes..


Parental Advisory Explicit Content