Journal Ref: "Intense Convergence" May 12th.. 2012.. somewhere in Switzerland..

..I got up moments a go and had some live cuts since 3 days here about to replay..

.. looking for clarity in this artwork called “Intense”.. while thinking about “Convergence”.. why I come back to this detail after 4 months.. that make now sense to me.. ..the day is just awesome to play something like this.. I can’t have a better mood grower.. irregularity mess your mind.. but believe me even then we do the most beautiful Artworks.. it is in You.. it isn’t a choice.. it’s like.. converging an Intense step in to the Victory - Nelson Branco 2012

I don’t tell you what’s playing background.. Busted.. .. so many phenomenal works to release.. and this is just the beginning.. .. to be continue.. full edition here..

Parental Advisory Explicit Content