237 [IR] DUBSTEP [WE'D PSYCHO] 02 JUN 2011

I have writen so much lately that I'm missing my words for this one.. gotta be how high to get this done.. wtf.. here again isn't a matter of how but why I'm so fucking high on my trips..

Based on my roots again as always, this Dubstep session is the next part of Icemoon becoming a Tag 237th Live Edition, the"We'd Psycho.."

I had a hard time to to start that one in the background here.. but 237th will freaks you out of your mind.. I insure you.. The Beat Confusion in a simple relaxed way..We'd Psycho.. only from watching the play list.. I get confused by myself..

I'm really missing speeches for this Edition.. because this is just all about the music.."

Playlist: here

Parental Advisory Explicit Content