Parental Advisory Explicit Content

I finally decided to release this Live Record, 236th is a Freestyle Remake of 234th.. for the Clip or something like that.. there is nothing special with this Play list or a reason for the Remake of it except the trip on the Clip..

A couple of days after this Prod of this Edition I've got in trouble with some band of non-brained.. let's be honest.. Some people are so desperate in life that they make the Cops assaulting your home not only in vain, they also take the right to put you in such a bullshit just because you are a We'd Psycho.. whatever.. a nature that some people don't seam to understand.. for me a minimal sens of Freedom in life.. the motherfucker telling me advice will born yet..

“Non-brained and Injustice fits together, so fuck you and give me some peace Forever”
Icemoon - We'd Psycho 2011

I dedicate this Session to all Smokers around the World

Special Dedication to: Dr. Dre, Noturious B.I.G., 2Pac, Icecube & Snoop Dogg
Special Thanks to: Bro K-Z for the release of this Clip
Special Kind Regards to: Family all my Friends and Fans

Playlist: Remixed by Icemoon

Parental Advisory Explicit Content