August 15Th & 16th 2010 • "Together is Better"

Production TeamA new atmosphere forging a good production and successful Collaboration just started with YellowNGreen Media. The team structure:
Nelson Branco: Author, Composer, Producer and Live DeeJay
Lovv Mehta as Co-Composer, Co-Producer and Live Key Player
Khussh Mehta as Sound Engineer, our Mix & Master Specialist

Now everybody understand when I talk about “we” what I mean all about.

Adam A5We did in these two pasted days, some modifications and upgrades from “Influence” layers according to the new Sound Monitoring System from Adams A5, the Mix of “Influence” is done. The track is ready for Mastering.
With Lovv we have rework “Old School Frequency” and Khussh did mix it. This Mix work is the signature of a genius...
Planned “Pursuance” final touches only. “Elements” Pads, Re-leveling, clean-up, this Track is ready for the Mix.

...our breaks spended on chess games and hearing Dr. Dr 2001 he he..

“We work for something better, that's why we are together”

Parental Advisory Explicit Content