Dubstep @ Ministry Of Sound - London

The Dubstep Conference was a great experience,

I have meet great Artists like “Ben Verse” & “Marco Del Horno” and many others. During this Conference I had also the privilege to try all Mix Decks and any Sound Systems at Ministry of Sound witch is a good feeling, without talking about the unique clarity from Martin Sound System Designed Specially for Ministry Of Sound in London.

From DUB House Variable to a DUB Step is a big difference, that's the music challenge for my roots. Icemoon will gonna have DUB Step activity in a close future. It is not a change from House Beats in to Dub Step. To make it clear, I'm going in to a new Music Content to get just another way of express all my roots of music in any kinda type of Mix or Production, no worries Icemoon will remain the same. If you have any questions go ahead please feel welcome to post.


During the Conference I had “Pursuance” Sound Track (Released in India with Ray'n'Brotherwood) sticking in my mind, the deeper I was in Dub Step, the Deeper I recognized that Dub Step beat with a very particular difference in “Pursuance” - check out the beat work of Pursuance for a better understanding.


Today still unknown clear for everybody that Pursuance is probably* a Dub Step derivation in to House Beats, just the difference as you can read in the earlier Journal Publications Pursuance Sound Tracks was kind of the “Prestige” of the AlphaProject™. To be honest I'm surprised cause I didn't realized until today, “Pursuance” is that close to the Dub Step with the beat, probably a root of Hip-Hop, Rap and Reggae. *If it is the case: That would mean that I don't even know yet how to Specify my own Style or Variable of Music.


Now if “Pursuance” Beat it's Original or a derivation of Dub Step, or if we shortly recognize a Dub Step Beat in “Pursuance” it doesn't really matter, what matters is the simple fact of enjoying a unique Artwork, Still good to understand my state of mind.