Icemoon - Kos 2011

Time to talk about Greece.. I have been waiting for because I'm really missing Kos.. However it was a awesome trip, the most beautiful I ever had in my Life.. it is not even Greece itself but Kos.. I don't even miss my own land like that..

I was really surprised with my discovery, the Land call me really back there.. I can't even explain.. Is just a feeling of being home or something like that.. If there is a place that somebody really should know is Kos Isle.. My soul and my body feels like.. reborn.. but isn't because of the my state of mind.. it is because of the Land he's Positive Energy, He's History and Mythology somewhere part of us all a bit..

During this experience of knowing myself better I was first chocked that so many roots linked me to this Place.. I'm back in Switzerland since a week know and still feel myself there.. as I can't believe my mind is still there.. I will probably go back to continue the Study about myself and my Work.. getting some innovative inspiration to approach myself to my Dreams becoming Real.. it needs only so much to be happy and complete.. explore and find yourself out.. feel somewhere home for good.. just feel yourself.. You..

I hard fall in Love with some peace of Land and I have see many awesome places.. but Kos.. Kos.. is unique in all Art and type of being.. a part from the incalculable number of beaches we find hover there, I have discover a place during a Cart Trip called “Black Pearl..” somewhere close to "Hippocrates Garden.." I was like - “how small is the World.. this name is Familiar to me..“ some days after I found out that this place was the party spot we looking for as an Artist.. it didn't took me very long to Know Adreas and He's AKA Events Team.. I prefer to not talk to much in advance but looks like I will probably be present for the line up next Year.. more information concerning this subject or collaboration will follow..

"Many remains to Say, many remains to Discover and many other remains to Enjoy..
but only so many.. can be relative.. to what you discover of your perspectives.."
- "Enjoy Yourself" Nelson Branco 2011

I would like to dedicate Special Kind Regards to Julia, Pantelis and Daniel for helping me on my discovery at Kos and your unique Friendship..