Icemoon - Fuck You!


Anger and hate aren't good elements for our life.. but sometimes we can't avoid that feeling of injustice or completely absurd acts against your Fucking Free Life.. It depends again where you are but.. The system is completely fucked up everywhere.. and some of them way to bored to fuck up with your mind.. Don't You See it..!?

Waking up in the morning and get to work by monotonicity and one day the system fuck your back right there, You can only watch the way u get fucked up by some stupid human above you in this system.. what gives you that right motherfucker? no wonder there is a fucking hate or hanger against some weak fucking ass bitches way to bored in Life..

Now judge me the way You want cause I am the way I Am.. watch the world in a different perspective.. maybe it will help change Yours.. don't You see that is completely useless to try dominating or changing the nature motherfucker? Behind Your relative in-conscience.. slave of this fucking system.. Weak Ass Bitch.. You wanna Judge Me?.. Fuck You.. Wide and Fucking Pride.. Nelson Branco - 2011