After taking like forever for the actual download to be initiated, the message of website not found comes up.  Any suggestions?  I've already rebooted my computer.  I had no problems with the other sessions I downloaded.  Please advise.  Anyone else having problems, or is it just me as usual? lol

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Hey Barby ;)

It was probably the moment of a maintenance of the website server, if my memory is correct, i remember reading a e-mail about a maintenance.

Try again it will work ;) or the trouble comes from a hardcore Anti-virus sometimes ;)

Barbie....lol  I've gotten drastically better you have to admit.  I no longer have temper tantrums.  lol
I soooo love this song :o)
You told me to look much further.  You told me to walk much more.  You told me the music matters. And to chase the dogs back from my door.  I won't stop here.  I won't be still. Until the sun sets...On us all. (Makes sense)
I have to be still to really discover your music, your mood, your thoughts.  I can not have the distractions of driving...lol, people, or TV.    Can't wait to hear more updates from India.   Yay!!!

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Thank you very much appreciated  ;)
A Blog will be soon on-line, where you all can follow the evolution in details as you would be present at the Studios with me.

Keep Enjoying the Mixes. And check the blog for news.

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This 225 [SL] 5th part of the Electro Temporal was my long term introduction today back to work with the 222 [IR], back to my steps back to my remixes, simple back to my self...

Would be time to finish this Artwork of this Series. Actually working on some Productions as you can read on the Blog posts, also i have some new Remixes to release and all that in a live platform.

Enjoy ;)

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