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Reply to: August 17th to 20th 2010 • "Progress"

  • 12 years 6 months ago

    Hey everybody,  thank you for the support and motivation during the productions, very much appreciated. Keep on Spam the Blog and sorry for keep you waiting, the work is intense and i hold the diary updated so that nobody miss anything ,)

  • 12 years 6 months ago

    great to read the updates and as part of the team I am spreading the word and passing out the url so people can plot the progress of Nelson in India, today I have been offered a manangent position that I am thinking about but of course I said my loyalties are to ICEMOON.

Reply to: August 09th to 14th 2010 • "Revelation Part II"

Reply to: August 05th to 08th 2010 • Theory Of Operation Part III

Reply to: Sunday, July 18th 2010 • "Bounce Groove"

  • 12 years 7 months ago

    Great to see you all following the Growth of  ICEMOON RECORDS® AlphaProject™

    It is always a pleasure to share my work, dreams, trips, visions, ambitions or convictions. You very Welcome ;)

    Whatever I did this last pasted 2 years is and always will be Nelson Branco aka DJ Icemoon the crazy Alien Mind sharing hes Dreams in all kinda ways according to our generation and bring some changes to it.

  • 12 years 7 months ago

    Hey Nels :o)
    It is so cool to be able to read the blog of your time in Bangalore producing.  It gives a nice peek into your mind's process to create music.  It's way cool.  I know that what you share is only the tip of the iceberg for what happens in your complex musical mind.  I appreciate the sharing of your musical gifts.  For you, I think SL has served its purpose.  I believe that your RL music career will continue its forward progress.   Yay!!!!!  I am hoping that your SL fans embrace RL Nelson so that they can stay connected to the spirit of the man behind the image of Nilson.  :o)  Growth is important for all of us.
    Thank You for Your Commitment,

Reply to: Missing alien in SL

Reply to: Tuesday Jul, 6th 2010 • Kinda Off Day

  • 12 years 8 months ago

    Hey People, thanks for the comments ;)

    I really try to update the website blog version but is a bit complicate, there always is a solution to anything, self a interpretation of the composer blog he he... so soon as I clean up the technical bored stuff, the blog looks a bit empty..looks like I was intense in this productions of the last 2 tracks, “Old School Frequency” & “Pursuance” was like working, sleeping on it, all the notes are bored technical notes and retails.

    So I still working on the Public Version of the Blog and daily the Blog is even bigger, don't worries you people go have the time to enjoy each detail of it, make sense if it is late but right ;)


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