1. Butch Clancy - Russian Lullaby (Icemoon Rmx)
  2. Disonata - Area 51 (Icemoon Rmx)
  3. DJ Hero, Ishe - Physical Force (Icemoon Rmx)
  4. Downlink - Emergency (Icemoon Rmx)
  5. Drekken - Pandora (Icemoon Rmx)
  6. Liquid Stranger - Rocket Fuel (Icemoon Rmx)
  7. Muffler - Back up (Icemoon Rmx)
  8. Point.Blank Ft. Helicopter Showdown - Whistle Tips (Icemoon Rmx)
  9. Robokop/Poema - Tazmanian Sub (Ft. Poema)(Icemoon Rmx)
  10. The Crystal Method/Datsik - Sine Language (Datsik Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  11. Bare - Thugs In The Hood (Feat. Messinian)(Icemoon Rmx)
  12. Blue Horizon - Shuddup (Icemoon Rmx)
  13. Excision - Get To The Point (ft. Liquid Stranger)(Icemoon Rmx)
  14. Justice - Stress (Nero Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  15. Cyrex - Trigicone (Icemoon Rmx)
  16. Eminem - Forever (Icemoon Rmx)
  17. Bassnectar/Datsik - Boombox (Datsik Remix)(Icemoon Rmx)
  18. Eminem - Forever (Icemoon Rmx)


icemoon's picture

..during some hanghover.. Solihull - UK.. (history..)

..If you guys have a chance to hear this one.. it would be your addition.. with an particular attitude this edition is not only music is all about it.. where some boundaries reach their phase of evolution .. converged in to a bad azz attitude .. taged "Fuck You"..

..May it depends how close you listen to an Icemoon's Artwork.. a part from the mix attitude.. this edition have something to express.. related to "Bad Ass Bicth" and "Forever" .. "Fuck You" close the gap and accomplish the Jigsaw..

..No doubt this season four have much more to say.. some Frequency born was as well expressed in this edition and it will make faith of future productions..

I am not gonna teach you how to hear music.. appreciate it is all a matter of taste..

Icemoon in all glorious forms.. something close to the feeling.. behind my fuck'in decks.. so "..fuck you ..forever ..bad ass bicth.."

Parental Advisory Explicit Content