6am.. wtf..

292 | Convergence

Journal Extract from Jun 22th 2012..

Today got up with some bad hangover.. One of these you really hate.. I promise you.. Things going worse the more the time past.. this goes until... "Blackheart" Sample 2 of 3 went played.. Believe me .. The smile is granted ;)

Later came the "wake up" with Sample 4 of 6 referring to "Convergence" .. One of my most beautiful artworks ever released.. Realizing those are "Antidote"s for these who understand universal music like we do.. is.. Recognizing the reason of your existence.. Part of your fucking identity..

Classico violins here back again randomized my playlist on my IPod this time into "Blackheart" Samples again.. I don't even tell you the title of the specific artwork's live cut .. but proudly the deeply roots and the related artists here converging the ultimate serendipity .. As.. "Marijuana Overdose.. Saw.. Money.." Nelson Branco.. Jun 22nd 2012..

Believe me or not mutherfuckerz .. This gets even better.. "Blackheart"'s "Outro" live cut.. "..for another hit.. Because I'm nothing but a smoker.." Now go and play this playlist.. As you enjoy my "Breakfast.." wake up like me.. (..thinking about 281's.. outro..)

.. Moments Later.. On these residues..
..I use to say.. "better alone.. Then on bad company.." "Origin"'s Intro fuse me to some basics.. Reflecting my existence..

I don't know if the actually random of this hangover will bring me the Outro Sample of "Origin" but.. If you get a chance.. Get some originality of mine.. Enjoy it with your "Blackheart".. Ghetto motherfuckerz..

.. So much for an longterm expression of the day..

.. Confused with my toughs.. My artworks hunt me to the past even more the time past.. As "Jump Jump" .. And.. Do not compare me to another one..

I will probably Die provoking the mutherfuckerz of this system.. Hopping it ends up in some Revolution .. If so.. The jigsaw is to get there slowly piece by piece.. Spreading tho word with and optimism of changes.. Even if I'm convinced the human will kill himself first.. Before he even "Wake up.."

..To be continue.. With proudly announced "292 | Strange" for very soon..


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.. with a play list like that.. it is around 7h30 long play-list.. I was lost in..

..these last days..have done the output level of any release after 255 included until 292 & 299.. Rmx'n'Cuts from these live editions was my play-list.. as now on the "Broadcast" Program streaming in Clubs, Shops, Radios etc.. in High Quality.. these 3rd Party Works are free.. it's my Creativity Content.. nothing better to get myself in to deeper in.. here now you can enjoy this trip with me again and understand better this "quote" of my production journal.. wtf.. it is all about..

.. will try to add a remix pack for a single download so soon as I have some more time.. and probably some torrent as well ,)* don't worry if you see me cry for seeds lmao.. anyway..

hoo.. by the way.. the season started at 231.. will get some topic ready for that as well..

This stuff was already Mastered.. during the live's.. now it's leveled and polished for more clarity.. enjoy..

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..4 weeks a go somewhere in Siwtzerland..

Published Masters for season 4 are updated from 255-292.. Yes you have to download it again to get Master File for the Podcast at the same source. The stream is updated as well with the master versions.. Please don’t rip that shit is all Broken then.. Go to my website and download a original master of the files.. Playback them in any stream or club.. But really make sure you download it again from the Podcast don’t complain for quality on the old files.. Or process the master live with the old files.. Anyway.. The season isn’t over yet .. Just had some time to take some notes here..

Any promoter using this material: this is for free.. The only thing I require is proper credits as in case copyright conflicts back to Icemoon Records. End up users be welcome to enjoy and make sure you share this stuff around the World..